Intertherm Mobile Home Furnace Problems

“Tell me everything about Intertherm mobile home furnace problems. Is this brand full of trouble? I think this is something that I can help you with. Only 28 percent of users report they are satisfied with this furnace brand. That is truly terrifying, my knees are knocking. I think I should think about another brand. Tell me about the the issues with the furnaces, before I purchase one. OK Knock Knees. Intertherm may be a decent furnace brand, however many users report problems. As you know, they are frequently installed in mobile homes like yours. Yes, and if you can be prepared for problems before you buy, you are ahead of the game. OK sometimes these furnaces have issues properly heating and cooling. Some of the issues these furnace owners face, is the that their may be be problems with the ignitor coil, and or the heating coil. This happens frequently. What other things are issues with Intertherm furnaces in mobile homes? These furnaces are also known for noisy operation, which is really a problem with mobile homes, in that they have limited space available. Problems with the limit switch, or fan can keep the furnace from heating effectively.

The air may be warm then cool, or quit altogether. This seems to be a fairly common problem in mobile homes that use Intertherm furnaces. Are they easy to replace? I am getting a bit nervous hearing that. Obviously, you want your furnace to work. You can order replacement parts online, but obviously they have to be installed. One other thing about these furnaces, is that there are reports of parts having to be replaced several times, in a 3 to 5 year time period. I think that I may need to look for another brand for my mobile home. Intertherm mobile home furnace problems seem a bit too severe.